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A SaaS is designed to be flexible and customizable, and customers can easily add news users by simply adjusting their license subscription.

Avoiding the temptation of reinventing the wheel

Best practices. Among the benefits of having industry standards built into your ready-made solution are: operations, sales, care management workflows; ruled-based insurance recommendations; real-time insurance data feeds; and deeper analytics and reporting. Security and compliance. The vendor team takes responsibility for monitoring, compliance and security, while also providing a way to track and automate state and federal requirements.

How NASA Reinvented The Wheel - Shape Memory Alloys

Also, privilege level security ensures the appropriate access to member data. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Without meaning to be Humpty Dumpty, everyone is, especially when context seems to justify it. It seems to me that redesigning is renovating is recreating is reinventing is reconceiving. All these are redoing what has once been done in one way or another range: superficial redo to major redo. I was about to argue that, from the definition of invent , reinvent has to be ironic - but on checking, 'reinventing the wheel' can be used in a makeover sense AHDEL.

It saddens me that the useful and elegant expression now has an allowed ambiguity.

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There is little need for the secondary meaning - fine-tune works well - and I can't think of an elegant and unambiguous alternative for the original. I think that this is a rare case where I'd vote prescriptive. Where did you get it from? Personally, I wonder whether the author used the idiom mistakenly or cynically. I don't think the author is being cynical since they put him 6 in the list of top 50 lyricists.

Please, reinvent the wheel - By

Also Eminem is generally well regarded by critics so, in fact, a critical article, as long as it's written intelligently, would definitely get more attention and make more money than yet another praise. Laurent: Please excuse my distrust when it comes to opinions of people whose income depends on good stance with the music industry, and objectivity of these who compile various "top 50" lists of people working for said industry. Nov 4 '12 at Pacerier: It's called "tongue-in-cheek". The reversal makes it memorable for its vicious cynicism.

It's the kind of reversal like instead of "never pour water into acid" you get "if you would rather have a shapeless blob instead of your face, pour water into acid.

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Related 3. Hot Network Questions. Question feed. And he liked it:. But who's James Hart? Just another programmer. The conventional approach, enforced to a greater or lesser extent, is that you shall use a standard subroutine. I say that you should write your own subroutines.

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  • Before you can write your own subroutines, you have to know how. This means, to be practical, that you have written it before; which makes it difficult to get started. But give it a try.

    Don't reinvent the wheel: Increase productivity with strategic reuse

    After writing the same subroutine a dozen times on as many computers and languages, you'll be pretty good at it. Moore followed this to an astounding extent. Throughout the 70's, as he implemented Forth on 18 different CPUs, he invariably wrote for each his own assembler, his own disk and terminal drivers, even his own multiply and divide subroutines on machines that required them, as many did.

    When there were manufacturer-supplied routines for these functions, he read them for ideas, but never used them verbatim. Moreover, he was never satisfied with his own solutions to problems. Revisiting a computer or an application after a few years, he often re-wrote key code routines.